Monday, November 10, 2008

November 4

Here's a powerful post surrounding the election. Its a white father wrestling with how to account for this red-lettered date with his black son (adopted from Ethiopia).


John Paulling said...

David, I gotta say the first half of this blog is good, the second half, to me, seems to descend into paranoid, melodramatic egomania. It reminded me of reading The Ragumuffin Gospel with friends from AA, and watching them respond to Brennan Manning's critiques of the established, starched shirt crowd at church with their own blend of pharisaical rhetoric.

david said...

That's cause you are the establishment John.

I hear you. At least he said "others" and not all. I do appreciate his final paragraph and his follow up blog post.

John Paulling said...

I'll check the follow up out. We gotta talk about the typology of Obama before I concede to that last paragraph though.

John Paulling said...

The follow up is great!