Monday, November 28, 2011

Bunny Culvin, The Wire's Bonhoeffer

In the final episode of season three of The Wire, Bunny Culvin the architect behind the infamous Hamsterdam project pulls a Bonhoeffer. After McNulty accuses Bunny of "cutting a few corners" Bunny replies, "I just did what I did, it felt right, and I'm fine with that". Sounds eerily reminiscent of Bonhoeffer's justification of his violation of his own pacifist code.


Jon Furst said...

Do you think Bonhoeffer was wrong?

Jon Furst said...

Due to the coalescence of the German Church and National Socialism, it's arguable that had it not been for the high profile of Bonhoeffer's situation, it would be very difficult to be a Christian in Germany today.

John Paulling said...

I don't think Bonhoeffer or Culvin were wrong. I just wanted to point out that divergence from one's personal convictions is sometimes a good thing.

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